uvex tech-nologies

We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards, we exeed them.

colorvision glass

uvex colorvision®

For optimized vision, brilliant contrast, and vibrant colors.  
helmet with headband holder

headband holder

Integrated headband holder for more comfort.
helmet with FAS


Tailored to your exact head shape.


Standardized comfort lock by uvex.
uvex ias

uvex IAS | uvex IAS 3D

Precise adjustment to individual head shapes.
uvex vent

vent system

Clever ventilation channels draw in fresh air and expel warm air.
helmet with natural sound system

natural sound system

For an accurate representation of ambient sounds.
helmet with removable lining

removable lining

Anti-allergenic and easy to remove for washing.
x-fit helmet


High-quality, structured material for an improved ventilation.
uvex inmould

inmould technology

A lightweight helmet with highest impact resistance.
uvex hybrid

hybrid technology

Durable hardshell outer helmet and an EPS inner shell.
uvex hardshell


More safety: impact resistant, shock absorbing and insulating.
helmet glass


Mirrored lenses.
uvex interchangeable lens

interchangeable lens construction

interchangeable lens technology for optimal vision in every weather.
 take off system

take off

Interchangeable lenses for uvex ski goggles.
cx glasses


Interchangeable lens fastens securely onto the goggle frame.  
polavision glasses


Reliable protection against reflections and glare.
uvex vario pola


Combining the advantages of two technologies in one lens.
decentered lens

decentered lens technology

uvex Class 1 lenses ensure clear, distortion-free vision.
uvex UV protection

UV protection

UV-absorbing filters built directly into all uvex lenses.
uvex disortion

distortion-free goggles

Decentered lens technology for clear vision without distortion.
unbreakable goggles

unbreakable goggles

uvex guarantees maximum protection for the eyes at all times.
supravision goggles


Best vision thanks to the unique uvex supravision® coating.
uvex variomatic goggles

variomatic® goggles

Photochromatic lenses with automatic, stepless lens shading.
visual variomatic technology

variomatic® eyewear

Photochromatic lenses with automatic, stepless shading.