Quality security trusted by cyclists and sports enthusiasts

Built to the highest quality standards, Hiplok's award winning, innovative bike locks are easy to carry on your ride and will safeguard your gear.

From strong wearable chain locks, which adjust to fit your waist without being locked to your body, to tough double locking yet lightweight D locks which can be carried on belts, bag straps as well as on your bike frame. Hiplok offers total peace of mind, whatever you ride.

Lifetime warranty

Hiplok stands by the quality of their locks and is proud to offer lifetime warranty on a range of their products. Register now to secure your ride for life. 

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All Hiplok locks are designed and developed at the headquarters in the UK by a small dedicated team of innovators and bike riders. From the patented adjustable belt fastening on the wearable chain locks to the CLIP + RIDE on the D-locks and ultra-reflectivity of the SUPERBRIGHT Series, Hiplok believes the small details make a big difference to the enjoyment of the ride.

The founders

Hiplok co-founders, Ben Smith and John Abrahams are product designers by trade and cyclists by heart. With over 25 years combined design and cycle industry experience, they set out to change security for cyclists. They wanted to protect what they love by bringing their design expertise and rider experience to deliver innovative, quality, bicycle locks which not only protect your bike but protect the joy of riding. The result was the world’s first wearable bike lock. Since the launch of the Hiplok ORIGINAL in 2011, the pair have continued to lead on innovation, designing and building quality security products which riders around the world trust in.


D1000 – anti-angle grinder lock

Introducing Hiplok D1000: the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock. Hiplok D1000 represents a new era in mobile security. Using advanced material technology, never-before used in bicycle or motorcycle locks, the patent-pending D1000 can withstand sustained attack from an angle-grinder. Independently tested and carrying the ultimate Sold Secure Diamond rating, D1000 is the future of mobile bicycle security.

»Incredible resistance to angle-grinder attacks.«

Sold Secure, 10/2021

HIPLOK ORIGINAL – bike locks easy to carry

The strong wearable chain locks adjust to fit your waist without being locked to your body. Hiplok offers total peace of mind, whatever you ride.


• Wearable Chain Lock

• 12mm hardened steel shackle

• 8mm hardened steel chain

• 3 x replaceable coded keys

• 85cm locking length

• 1.9kg weight

Z LOK – a cutting-edge concept in security

For added security for your bike on a car rack, safeguarding your accessories and outdoor gear or for quick and convenient protection on a short stop. Z LOK has you covered.

The reinforced steel core helps protect against cutting, while the ratchet design system fastens while locking. Available in key or combination lock, keep your cool with Z LOK.

Z LOK Single

• Ultra-Lightweight Security Tie

• Reinforced steel core

• Twin locking tabs, universal release key

• 40 cm locking length (adjustable)

• 20 g weight


Hiplok’s innovative, award-winning storage solutions are designed to protect your gear at home and at work. Giving you peace of mind together with practical storage and clever design, each Hiplok STORE + SECURE product has been engineered to solve the challenges of securely storing your bike. Save space with the one size fits all JAW compact vertical bike rack or for Diamond security standard, store and secure your bike with ANKR or AIRLOK.


• Maximum Security Storage Hanger

• Hardened steel frame

• Rubberized frame protection

• Indoor & outdoor use

• 3 x replaceable coded keys

Hiplok JAW

• Wall Mounted Bike Rack

• Quick and easy install

• Fully adjustable design

• Compatible with most bikes

• Indoor and outdoor use


Whether it’s on the trail or the road, get ready to ride with ORGANIZER, FLIPSTAND and RIDE SHIELD. This new Hiplok range has been designed with convenience in mind, to help reduce the pre-ride faff before the hard work really begins. Store your gear. Prep your bike. Go ride. Store. Prep. Ride. Repeat.


• Compact Bike Stand

• High durability, water repellent outer

• Handlebar stabilisers

• Saddle protector

• Tool storage pocket

• For all bike types, Indoor & outdoor use

• 206 g weight


• Bike & Car Protector

• Padded protection prevents damage to vehicle

• Wheel holder prevents rattle and scratching of bike

• Self-sealing storage pocket for equipment and gear

• Durable, water repellent, UV resistant

• Fits all cars



Lifetime Warranty is available on all Hiplok keyed chain locks, Hiplok D locks and on AIRLOK, ANKR, ANKR MINI and JAW

To qualify for Lifetime Warranty, you must register your product within 30 days of purchase using the form here. Lifetime Warranty applies to hardware only, fabric sleeves are not included.
Fabric sleeves are covered by our standard 12 month manufacturers warranty – replacement sleeves can be purchased separately. Lifetime Warranty covers standard wear and tear and does not apply to products subjected to attempted theft or abuse.

Lifetime Warranty – is defined as 10 years from date of purchase and applies to first owners only.