uvex variomatic ski

variomatic®: self-tinting ski goggles by uvex

Automatic, stepless tinting with photochromatic lenses in every lighting condition.

The self-tinting lenses in uvex ski goggles automatically and continuously meter their translucency between light and dark within a very short time – for optimal vision in all weathers.

Protection level S1–S3

Sun, clouds, snow or fog: when skiing, a clear vision and high protection is important for the eyes. The uvex self-tinting lenses automatically and continuously meter the light transmission between the three protection levels S1, S2 and S3 within a very short time. The levels of protection indicate the light transmittance of the lens in percent – the smaller the value, the less light penetrates the glass.

uvex variomatic ski

The protection level S1 is perfect for skiing in bad weather and offers a light transmission of 44–80%. Thanks to the lens tinting, skiing is also possible in poor visibility and low light. For cloudy days with changing light and weather conditions, best protection is guaranteed with S2 – a light transmission of 19–43%. For bright conditions on the ski slopes on sunny days, the lens automatically darkens to protection level 1 with a light transmittance of 9–18%. Like all uvex glasses, the lenses also offer 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

A goggle for every weather

With uvex ski goggles with variomatic technology, you are prepared for different weather conditions between sunny and dark. The decision between different ski goggles or lenses are thus eliminated. Alpine winter sports are easily possible in any weather with just a single pair of goggles.

Clear vision in any weather with sports glasses

Cycling, riding or running – for all other sports, uvex variomatic technology is also available in uvex sports glasses.

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