wherever you ride

Strenuous climbs or breathtaking descents. In untouched deep deep, untouched powder or on a perfectly groomed run. Because sometimes it's a matter of hundredths of a second. And because it's simply fun.

It doesn't matter whether you are an ambitious amateur or an experienced professional skier. Whether slalom, downhill or super-G. Or simply "just for fun". With the uvex Performance Collection, the steepest descents and the most challenging slopes become a unique winter sports experience. For example, if you're into ever faster high-speed adventures, the ultra-light uvex race+, which is trusted by numerous uvex athletes worldwide, is the perfect choice. Uncompromising protection that allows high-performance racers to get the best out of themselves and every slope.

uvex race+

The uvex race+ is the ergonomically shaped, ultralight racing helmet trusted by uvex athletes all over the world. Whether for negotiating slalom gates or in the Super G, this is the helmet for maintaining speed and safety.

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