ski helmets
for kids

wherever you ride

When young professional and amateur skiers go for their greatest adventures in the snow, optimum safety is the top priority. With ski helmets from uvex, kids are prepared for anything thanks to minimal weight and maximum protection. And they have fun doing it.

For your little ones who want to have nothing but pure fun on the slopes: the uvex rocket jr. visor offers a perfect fit, comfort, child-friendly adjustability and, of course, the highest level of safety – and that means that parents can also enjoy their winter holiday together, carefree and relaxed.

uvex rocket jr visor

Calling all young guns: the new, clean-look uvex rocket jr. visor is designed for big snow days. Its innovative hardshell construction offers no-compromise protection – the robust outer shell is impact-resistant, the EPS inner shell absorbs shocks and also adds extra insulation.

uvex heyya pro

The uvex heyya pro is a child’s helmet for the most exacting requirements. Thanks to its inmould technology, it’s not only extremely safe but also exceptionally light. So light that the kids will barely notice they are wearing it. Additional help on this front comes from the IAS adjustment system, which allows the uvex heyya pro to neatly fit every child’s head with millimetre accuracy.

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