uvex colorvision eyewear

More contrast. More details. More vision.

With the uvex colorvision technology

uvex colorvision technology is perfect for the visual requirements and lighting conditions of any environment and for any sport. No matter where you are. No matter what you do. The three innovative color filters of the lenses provide unique contrast and perfect vision - on every trail, in the city or just like that. For more power and safety.

uvex colorvision

Always at the ready: uvex colorvision technology

Triathlete and German champion on the triathlon middle distance Laura Philipp relies on sports glasses with uvex colorvision technology. For an optimized contrast perception from start to finish.

uvex colorvision woman

Brilliant contrast and bright colors

uvex colorvision detail

A perfect match

uvex variomatic® meets uvex colorvision technology: lens tinting and contrast enhancement - for optimal vision. The combination of automatic lens tinting and optimal contrast enhancement ensures a unique viewing experience - in a single, innovative uvex lens.

uvex colorvision detail

uvex eyewear with variomatic® and colorvision technology


uvex colorvision city

safe in your

For intensive red tones.

The urban color filter helps to quickly detect traffic lights or brake lights – indirectly improving the reaction time. See better, react faster, drive safer.


uvex colorvision outdoor

vision. Also

For more contrast.

The improved depth perception thanks to the optimized contrast makes potholes, boulders or dangerous bumps in the soil more visible: high contrast, more details.


uvex colorvision daily

More than
suitable for
everyday use.

For more brilliance.

The daily color filter makes your everyday life a completely new experience. Natural colors are displayed more clearly and shine in new splendor. Comfortable, stylish, trendy.