uvex sportstyle 224 CV

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Ultimate contrast!

Versatile: thanks to uvex colorvision® lenses. New uvex sportstyle 224 CV provides a new dimension in vision when cycling, jogging or in the mountains.

The All-rounder uvex sportstyle 224 CV is extremely versatile. The half frame design is perfect for cycling, running, or walking in the mountains. Adjustable nose pads and an optional clip-on optical insert make it very adaptable. litemirror mirror lenses reliably protect against infrared rays and reduce distracting glare. uvex sportstyle 224 CV is part of the uvex colorvision® Collection. uvex colorvision® lenses provide new levels of color brilliance and contrast, two factors crucial for responsiveness, performance and safety, especially in sports. uvex colorvision® lenses focus incident light on the lens, so perception is optimized. uvex has created three lenses, for diverse uses: mountain biking / sports – urban – everyday. Tailored to the features of each environment, they deliver a brilliant viewing experience with detail-rich perception. uvex sportstyle 224 CV comes in two lens options: outdoor – mountain biking. Higher brown-green contrast improves depth awareness in terrain, e.g. increases contrast between the trail and green landscape by up to 45 %. urban – city traffic. Grey filter heightens red-gray contrast, to help detect light signals even faster. Like traffic signals or brake lights. Road signs stand out more against the asphalt environment, by up to 23 %. Made for: all-round athletes. Special features: colorvision® lens technology, litemirror lenses, adjustable nose pads, optional optical insert.

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