uvex sportstyle 706 CV V

149.95 € RRP

Color: black mat

Sporty visual experience

uvex sportstyle 706 CV V combines uvex colorvision® lens technology with the completely automatic tinting of uvex variomatic® lenses in one sports package.

A robust frame design is exactly what mountain bikers need. With uvex sportstyle 706 CV V mountain bikers are ready for every trail: large lenses deliver an extra-wide field of view, and the benefits of two proven uvex lens technologies. uvex colorvision® lenses enhance contrast and provide vibrant color. Incident light is focused on the lens and contrast is increased, especially to green tones, for even sharper detail. Unevenness or edge, obstacles, and light signals can be perceived more quickly. With variomatic® technology, the photochromic lens adapts to the prevailing light conditions and automatically lightens or darkens, steplessly, from protection level S1 to S3. Perfect for changeable weather conditions and long cycling days. This combination increases performance, responsiveness, and thereby safety. The lenses also 100 % prevent harmful UVA, UVB or UVC rays from reaching the eye.supravision® antifog coating, and ventilation cut-outs at the edge of the lens, make sure uvex sportstyle 706 CV V stays clear, without fogging. Thanks to adaptable earpieces and nose pads, the fit can be customized.Made for: mountain bikers with an all-weather training planSpecial features: colorvision® technology, variomatic® technology, adjustable soft nose pads, adjustable soft earpieces, direct lens ventilation.


  • High reduction of solar radiation through filter category 3 with a light transmission of 9-18%
  • Freely adjustable lens tinting for optimum visibility in any lighting situation thanks to variomatic® lens technology, additional infrared protection thanks to the fashionably coordinated mirror coating of the lenses
  • Contrast enhancement and improved colour perception through uvex colorvision® technology
  • Draught-free ventilation of the pane for a permanently fog-free field of vision
  • 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection

Technologies included

precise. high contrast. safer.

Full colours. Excellent depth perception. Popping contrast – no matter what the terrain or conditions are like. That’s thanks to the premium colour filter in our uvex colorvision® lenses. Soft, diffuse light is transformed into crisp, high-contrast light. Intense colours for maximum outdoor fun.

smooth. adaptive. safer.

Smooth transition. Adaptive tint. Flexible eye protection – no matter what the light. That’s thanks to uvex variomatic® photochromic lenses. They automatically adjust the light transmission and smoothly switch through categories 1 to 3. No lens changing required.

mist free. reliable. safer.

Mist-free vision. Clear optics. Reliable clarity – which means better safety in poor conditions. That’s thanks to uvex supravision® lens technology. A special anti-fog coating prevents lenses from misting up, without affecting optical quality. Outdoor fun guaranteed.

Technical features

Article number
32 g
Area of application
Golf, Hiking, MTB, Running/jogging, Trail running
EN ISO 12312-1:2013 + A1:2015
Lens color
litemirror red
cloudy, overcast, snowfall, sunny
Filter category
cat. 1-cat. 3