uvex quatro integrale Tocsen

Smart trail buddies: uvex enduro helmets with intelligent crash sensor

With the new uvex quatro integrale Tocsen and uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen, mountain bikers never ride alone. For additional safety, uvex has integrated a Tocsen crash sensor in both the high-end Enduro helmets. If a rider does not react after a crash, the system comprising precision sensor and smartphone app automatically makes an emergency call and conveys GPS coordinates. To provide rapid assistance, personal emergency contacts and Tocsen members in the vicinity are alerted.

Sand, roots, gravel and mud – the endless network of off-road trails offer so many great bike adventures. When you are riding in familiar terrain or are on your local circuit, you tend not to think of the risks. Falls sometimes come unexpectedly. Slow reaction or misjudgement can quickly turn an exhilarating ride into a nightmare. Yes, most falls are relatively harmless, but what about accidents in remote areas, where there is nobody nearby to help?

uvex quatro integrale Tocsen
You’ll never ride alone: uvex Enduro helmets with intelligent Tocsen system

This is one smart helmet update. For the first time ever, uvex is integrating an intelligent crash sensor into the anatomic fit adjustment dial on the uvex quatro integrale Tocsen and the uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen. The unique system, consisting of Tocsen crash sensor and free smartphone app (Android & iOS), automatically detects a fall and asks the rider how they are doing. If they don't respond within 30 seconds, the emergency call system is activated. Particularly clever: For a maximum rapid response, Tocsen alerts not just emergency contacts, but also the entire Tocsen community in the vicinity of the accident. Precision sensor and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth Low Energy. The sensor has a battery life of three months and can be recharged using a mini USB cable.

Smart trail surfer: uvex quatro integrale Tocsen

With the uvex quatro integral Tocsen, mountain bikers can safely tackle all terrain. This high-end endure helmet with seamless, multi-inmould technology, extended shell down the neck and a large, three-step height-adjustable visor has a total of 13 vents to regulate the climate inside. In the event of a serious accident, the Tocsen crash sensor automatically sends out an emergency call. For additional safety on the trail.
Sizes: 52-57 cm // 56-61 cm
Weight: From 350 grams
Colours: forest – mustard mat // mystic – fuchsia mat
RRP: 199.95 euros

uvex quatro integrale Tocsen
Tocsen inside: uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen

How to take a first-rate enduro helmet and make it even better – introducing the uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen. The newest version of this helmet features an adjustable visor, 20 ventilation openings and the smart Tocsen crash sensor system. Perfect for riders looking for additional safety when they ride.
Sizes: 52-57 cm // 56-61 cm
Weight: From 350 grams
Colours: titan – orange mat // peacock – berry mat // black mat
RRP: 179.95 euros

uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen

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