Performance helmets

Fast roads. Hairpin bends. The uvex road collection ensures a confident performance from the first push of the pedal. Assured safety – even when the pace heats up.

Shave seconds off your personal best with the uvex race 9 helmet, or push boundaries with the uvex race 8. Lightweight, extremely aerodynamic, with perfect ventilation and a comfortable fit. Hot blacktop or mountain pass. The distance makes no difference.

Safe, light and extremely well ventilated

The brand new uvex race 9 road cycling helmet connects expert aerodynamics with optimal ventilation and safety.  On the hunt for a new personal best time, everything has to be right - whether you’re on a ride after work, training for the next competition, or racing. For road cycling devotees looking for the ultimate helmet, and to feel good, uvex has developed the new uvex race 9.

uvex race 9

  • Aerodynamically optimized helmet for maximum performance
  • Innovative cage design saves weight and permits 14 particularly large ventilation openings for a cool head
  • Premium styling with seamless, multi inmould technology

Top class aero helmet

Lower air turbulence, superb ventilation performance, maximum power saving – uvex race 8 is the essence of a perfect time trial helmet. And makes pro triathletes a couple of seconds faster.

uvex race 8

  • Optimal aerodynamics due to the shortened teardrop shape
  • Reduced air resistance and turbulence thanks to perfectly arranged dimples
  • The central front vent opening guides the air through the helmet in one stream to guarantee perfect airflow

Off-road adventurer

Lightweight, super-safe and with first-class ventilation: the uvex gravel x is just waiting for the next off-road adventure.

uvex gravel x

  • Stylish gravel helmet with double inmould design
  • 17 ventilation openings and an integrated bug net keep your head cool off-road and in the city
  • Outstanding fit with individual height and width adjustment

Pure, stylish design with extra-large oversized lens

Cool, progressive, edgy – the oversize-shield uvex sportstyle 231 is in a league of its own when it comes to style and performance.

uvex sportstyle 231

  • Progressive oversize shield design with XXL field of vision for sunny weather (cat. 3)
  • Mirrored, hightech Revo lens
  • Guaranteed condensationfree thanks to uvex supravision® antifog coating

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