City helmets

Day or night. S-Pedelec or city bike, e-scooter or fixie. The uvex city helmets deliver optimum protection at all times. Whether on the way to work or cruising through town, uvex understands the challenges of the city streets and has designed a helmet to meet each one.

Intelligent lighting systems, like the one integrated in the uvex finale light, ensure increased safety, even in heavy traffic. Hit the street and arrive safely. No matter which route you follow.

uvex city

uvex finale light

When night falls, stay visible and well-protected with the new uvex finale light. Virtually invisible during the day, the LED lighting system ensures optimum visibility in the dark. Integrated into the helmet at the back and front, the system has three different illumination modes and makes this new uvex helmet the perfect companion for the city cyclist.

uvex finale light

  • Ventilation
    Extra-large air channels in the front improve air circulation – making the uvex race 9 the best-ventilated uvex helmet of all time
  • Lightweight
    Compact and very lightweight construction: for endurance and performance athletes
  • Protection
    Ultra-lightweight cage construction: for extremely high durability and unbeatable safety

uvex lgl 43

With a timeless design and on-trend colors, the uvex lgl 43 is the ideal lifestyle eyewear for the city and the outdoors. The mirrored lenses have the highest optical quality. The frame has a slim, feminine design and the havanna-speckled pattern together with the vivid blue-green lenses create an extraordinary color mix.

uvex Igl-43

  • uvex colorvision
    Ultimate contrast enhancement and maximum color perception
  • uvex variomatic®
    For automatic, stepless lens-tinting in 25 seconds
  • Comfort
    Adjustable nose pads and soft, adjustable temple ends

uvex city

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