Allround helmets

Trekking or touring. Dirt track or city streets. Mountain biking or pushing hard on the hot blacktop. An allround helmet from uvex is the perfect companion on all your rides.

The optimized ventilation and breathable padding of our bestseller for example, the uvex i-vo cc, ensure perfect climate management and excellent wearing comfort. Enjoy a relaxed ride in the countryside or a short tour through town and arrive home safely.

uvex wherever you ride

uvex i-vo cc

What bike are you taking out today? Mountain or road? The award-winning and best-selling uvex i-vo cc is a proven performer on all rides. This helmet is suitable for every situation and every terrain.

uvex i-vo-cc

  • Ventilation
    Extra-large air channels in the front improve air circulation – making the uvex race 9 the best-ventilated uvex helmet of all time
  • Lightweight
    Compact and very lightweight construction: for endurance and performance athletes
  • Protection
    Ultra-lightweight cage construction: for extremely high durability and unbeatable safety

uvex blaze III

A clear view, whatever the weather. With its interchangeable lens technology, the uvex blaze III is equipped for all weather conditions and offers 100 % UVA, UVB, and UVC protection as well as optimal sun glare protection.

uvex blaze-III

  • Interchangeable lens technology
    The three interchangeable lenses of the uvex blaze III can be easily switched as required
  • Comfort
    The soft nose pads ensure an optimal fit on the bridge of the nose for enhanced comfort
  • Secure fit
    The soft temples provide a secure fit on every trail or track

uvex wherever you ride

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