Allround helmets

Trekking or touring. Dirt track or city streets. Mountain biking or pushing hard on the hot blacktop. An allround helmet from uvex is the perfect companion on all your rides.

The optimized ventilation and breathable padding of our bestseller for example, the uvex true cc, ensure perfect climate management and excellent wearing comfort. Enjoy a relaxed ride in the countryside or a short tour through town and arrive home safely.

Clever all-rounder

The brand new uvex true cc is a true heartbreaker – featuring a convincing combination of style, design and comfort. The optimal ventilation of the all-rounder ensures perfect climate management at all times – thanks to the 18 ventilation openings.

uvex true cc

  • Stylish multi-talent: lightweight allround helmet with matt finish, an outstanding fit and double inmould technology for enhanced safety
  • Comfort plus thanks to pony tail cut-out for long hair

Our classic full-mirrored shades

Aviator sunglasses, like the uvex lgl 45 never go out of fashion. This timeless classic matches every outfit and always looks just great.

uvex lgl 45

  • Fully mirrored pilot sunglasses with metal frame
  • Reliable UV protection

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