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Next afterwork group ride: 01 June 2023!
Save the date: every 2nd Thursday from 5.30 p.m.

We are excited to announce the return of our "Ready to Rise" Afterwork Group Rides! Get ready for a fun-filled afterwork set-up to kick-off our group rides:

Group Ride, Coffee & Drinks, Product Tests

Join us for the season opening and experience a road cycling ride, coffee & drinks, test the latest uvex cycling products, and just have a good time.  

At 5:30 pm, we will kick-off the first group ride of the season. So, grab your road or gravel bike, your uvex gear and be "ready to rise"! The ride will last about 1.5 to 2 hours at a moderate pace. You can find the most important information and FAQs about the rides below. 

If you're unsure about group riding, our kick-off event is a great opportunity to network and get familiar with group rides. Have a little chat about cycling issues while enjoying cool drinks and music in our chill-out area

At uvex, we value community and invite you to be a part of the Strava uvex cycling club. Join us for regular road cycling rides through the region, meet new people, enjoy the scenery, and have fun. We also prioritize athletic fitness and offer balance after the workday. 

Following the kick-off event, we will have group rides every two weeks. The route and distance may vary and will be announced via Strava in advance. The rides usually last about 2 hours at a moderate pace, and everyone is welcome to join us on a road and/or gravel bike. Stay tuned for more information via our Instagram channel and Strava. 

Season kick-off uvex cycling afterwork group ride  

Meeting point: 5 p.m. at uvex sports Headquarter | Würzburger Straße 154, 90766 Fürth 

Start group ride: 5:30 p.m. | Route via Strava uvex cycling club  

Afterwork: 5 – 9 p.m.  

Join the Strava uvex cycling club: Strava @uvexsports  

Summer 2023 Rides Schedule:

03 May 2023 - 5 p.m. season kick-off
17 May 2023 - 5.15 p.m.
01 June 2023 - 5.30 p.m.

This is what you need for the uvex sports After-Work Rides:

  • A racing bike
  • A well-fitting bicycle helmet
  • Protective sports glasses

If you need a new helmet or sports glasses, you are welcome to browse through our dealers or order from our uvex group shop.

In our How-to you can also see how a bicycle helmet should be adjusted in order to fit well so that it also protects well:


Our after-work rides in the uvex cycling Strava-Club will take place every two weeks starting 03 May 2023. A uvex sports captain will always be accompany the group, provide the route and be available as a contact person at all times during the ride.

You can always find the planned route in the event description in the uvex cycling Strava-Club. As a rule, there is a different route for every ride, but it can also happen that popular routes are on the schedule more than once. If you have any ideas or specific wishes, please contact the uvex sports captain during the next tour.

A relaxed, athletic pace is planned for the uvex after-work rides. You can find an approximate pace in the event descriptions in the uvex cycling Strava Club. The actual pace will be determined by the group as a whole.

Join the uvex cycling Strava-Club and register for the uvex sports afterwork ride of your choice. Registration is non-binding, but as the number of participants is limited, we ask you to cancel your registration if you are unable to take part. This way you give others the opportunity to take your place.

You need a racing bike, a helmet and sports glasses. Are you missing something or do you fancy a new style? You're sure to find what you're looking for in our performance helmets and sports glasses. In addition to the equipment, you must also observe the „uvex cycling Club Etiquette“ and for optimum safety in the group know the most important hand signals for road cyclists.

During our rides photos are frequently taken and videos made that we use for our social media channels. We will ask you for your consent on-site. You will of course not be seen in the material if you object.

By following the ride etiquette for uvex sports After-Work Rides and observing important hand signals for road cyclists, we create the basis for safe rides in the group. Of course, despite taking the utmost precautions, something can always happen. In the event of an accident which causes damage to property and/or personal injury, we will of course help you immediately. Please be aware that the uvex sports After-Work Ride is a private event and uvex sports therefore accepts no liability.

Ride Etiquette for uvex sports After-Work Rides

Responsible behaviour in road traffic is the basis for our uvex sports After-Work Rides. That's why the uvex cycling club etiquette applies on all rides:

1. We all abide by the traffic rules! For example:

  • We respect the right of way.
  • We stop at stop signs.

Riding two abreast is often safer and is permitted under the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) if it does not obstruct traffic. Additional information can be found at https://www.adfc.de/artikel/stvo-novelle-in-kraft-getreten

2. We stay together in a group, for example:

  • Our speed is determined by the group.
  • We stop as a group at intersections and cross them together.
  • We wait for each other after ascents and descents.

The rule is: we start together and arrive at the end of the ride together!

4. We look out for each other, among other things by:

  • driving with foresight, especially when we are at the front of the group
  • warning each other of obstacles using hand signals and calling out
  • taking care of each other so that everyone enjoys the ride
  • avoiding suddenly braking for no reason

5. Our Mission: #protectingpeople #whereverweride

6. We greet oncoming cyclists. A short hand signal is a matter of course for us.

Hand signals for road cyclists

Protecting people, wherever we ride. By becoming familiar with the most important hand signals, you'll be ready for the next uvex sports After-Work Ride:

  • Caution: Hold your flat hand vertically upwards, e.g. at intersections and traffic lights.
  • Turning: Right or left arm pointing to the side; in a group all riders should use this sign.
  • Obstacles on the ground: Point to an obstacle with your finger and call out, e.g. potholes, branches, stones.
  • Avoiding an obstacle (e.g. parked cars): Wave your right or left hand behind your back.