Ultimate contrast in any weather

uvex colorvision®

Detect every detail, see more than ever before – and get the most out of every slope. With uvex colorvision®, even the most difficult slopes become a unique skiing experience. The optimal color filtering of the contrast-enhancing lenses takes care of that.

person skiing

Ultimate contrast enhancement

The color filters on the three uvex colorvision® lenses convert soft, diffused light into precise, high-contrast light. For optimal perception on every terrain.

400 % anti-fog compared to the norm

The quadruple anti-fog coating ensures the best-ever fog-free view. With 400 % anti-fog performance compared to the norm, you can have even more fun when the pace heats up.

uvex colorvision 2
uvex colorvision 3

+ 15% larger field of view

The innovative single-lens construction ensures an impressive field of view - as there is no need for the insulating piping. See 15% more: for an unrestrictedly good viewing experience in the snow. Simply unique.

For sun: uvex colorvision® green

Dazzling light on the glacier is nothing to worry about with the uvex colorvision® green lens. The lens features protection level 3, so every lump and bump is clearly visible. Nothing goes unseen.

uvex colorvision green

For flat light: uvex colorvision® orange

Perfect for cloudy skies and flat light, the uvex colorvision® orange lens has protection level 2 to ensure any contrasts in the snow surface are clearly visible. For rides with real highs and lows.

uvex colorvision orange

For snow: uvex colorvision® yellow

In bad weather, the protection level 1 performance of the uvex colorvision® yellow lens ensures good visibility. Contours and changes in the terrain can be seen more clearly as you race down the mountain.

uvex colorvision yellow