Featherweight and supersafe: uvex exxential II MIPS

The sporty uvex exxential II MIPS is an outstanding all-rounder that sets new standards in lightweight design, wear comfort and rider safety. Additional safety in the saddle – for the first time, uvex is combining an injection-molded riding helmet with a height-adjustable Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). MIPS absorbs both static and rotational forces that can occur during a riding accident.

With the uvex exxential II MIPS, uvex is bringing a safety technology to horse riding that has already been proven in bike riding, winter sports and motor sport. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System was developed in Sweden based on the idea that the human brain needs to be protected from side or angled impacts and the corresponding rotational motion. It features a movable second shell inside the helmet between the inner padding and the outer shell. It lies directly next to the head. If a rider falls at an angle, it prevents the rotational forces produced from being transferred to the brain. Instead these forces are redirected by the MIPS inner shell system.

Protective all-rounder – made in Germany with MIPS

The uvex exxential II MIPS is one of the safest riding helmets on the market and offers additional protection for all leisure and tournament riders. The very lightweight inmould helmet (weighing from 430 grams) excels with its innovative, ergonomic design. It’s also cut deeper at the back for additional impact protection. Thanks to the integrated, height-adjustable MIPS system, the rotational forces produced during a fall are absorbed, helping to prevent head injuries. With its 3D IAS size adjustment, it’s easy to adapt both height and width to individual shape of the rider’s head. Female riders with longer hair will appreciate the ponytail cut-out that allows the helmet to sit more comfortably if you wear a pony tail. And for an optimal helmet climate at all times, there is an improved ventilation system.

uvex exxential II MIPS
Sizes: XXS-S (52-55 cm), S-M (55-57 cm), M-L (57-59 cm), L-XL (59-61 cm)
Weight: From 430 grams
Colour: black mat
RRP: 139.95 euros

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