Smart Guardian Angel: uvex elexxion Tocsen

The uvex elexxion Tocsen is the first ever hybrid riding helmet with an intelligent emergency sensor system. The unique technology consisting of integrated Tocsen crash sensor and smartphone app (Android & iOS) automatically detects a fall and asks the rider how they are. If the rider does not respond within 30 seconds, an emergency call system with location tracing is activated.

With the uvex elexxion Tocsen, uvex is launching an innovative riding helmet that’s in a league of its own. For the first time ever, Tocsen technology with its digital safety system, made in Germany, is being introduced for horse riding to provide an additional level of safety for riders who ride trails alone. In the event of an emergency, personal emergency contacts are informed and led to the accident location. In addition, riders have the option via an app, to alert all Tocsen users in the immediate vicinity should an accident occur. This makes all outdoor users who are members of the Tocsen community potential first responders.

Made in Germany with the highest data protection standards

Tocsen is a German start-up company from Freiburg that has developed a digital safety solution consisting of a high-precision crash sensor and a smartphone app. The Tocsen crash sensor automatically recognises the type of sport being practised and is connected to a smartphone (Android & iOS) via Bluetooth Low Energy. The sensor has a battery life of up to three months and can be recharged using a mini USB cable. The Tocsen app is built to conform with the General Data Protection Regulation and only stores strictly essential user data, which is stored exclusively on servers in Germany that fulfil the highest data protection standards. Download and use of the app is free charge, to enable all members of the Tocsen community to act as important first responders in an emergency situation.

Sporty elegance meets smart safety

The uvex elexxion Tocsen is a riding helmet that perfectly combines the advantages of injection molding and hardshell technology. The result: a lightweight, robust helmet with excellent ventilation, superb comfort and exceptional styling. The eye-catching matt outer helmet with shiny side elements embodies sporty elegance and high performance. The Tocsen crash sensor is discretely located at the rear of the helmet in the adjustment dial of the anatomic IAS system that offers individually, adaptable comfort.  The emergency system is available from the moment the sensor connects to the smartphone app. In the event of an emergency, according to settings chosen by the user, the app either notifies personal emergency contacts only and guides them to the accident location or also alerts the entire Tocsen community. The benefits speak for themselves – potential first responders are quicker to the scene of an accident and lives can be saved.

uvex elexxion Tocsen
Sizes: XS-S (54-55 cm), S (55-56 cm), M-L (57-59 cm), L (59 cm)
Weight: From 480 grams
Colours: black // mocca
RRP: 219.95 euros

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