Turning fishing nets into sunglasses

With the uvex LGL ocean P and uvex sportstyle ocean P, uvex is offering two models that contribute towards protecting the world’s seas and oceans. Their frames are made 100 per cent from recycled ocean waste.

There are millions of lost fishing nets floating in the world’s seas. These ghost nets, which are in some places up to several kilometres long, are slow to degrade and pollute the seas and oceans. uvex has recognised the problem and is making an important contribution to recycling and reusing discarded plastic fishing nets. The recovered fishing nets are cleaned, shredded and processed into pellets. The frames of the uvex LGL ocean P lifestyle shades and the uvex sportstyle ocean P sports sunglasses are made 100 per cent of recycled fishing nets. Both models are available from October 9th.

Reclaimed from the sea – uvex LGL ocean P

Guaranteed sustainable. The uvex LGL ocean P is made 100 per cent from recycled ocean waste. These sustainable shades save resources and look great on too. Discarded fishing nets pose a real threat to dolphins, turtles and other marine animals. And they pollute our oceans with plastic waste. The uvex LGL ocean P is part of our ocean series and is made of 100 per cent recycled ocean waste material. As such, we are making a small contribution to collecting and recycling discarded fishing nets. In addition, the uvex LGL ocean P is equipped with uvex polavision® technology. This absorbs diffuse light and protects against glare and reflection, making it the perfect companion for the beach.
RRP: 99.95 euros

From ghost nets to sports eyewear – uvex sportstyle ocean P

Promoting sustainability and saving resources. The uvex sportstyle ocean P is made 100 per cent from discarded fishing nets, recycled from the sea. Ghost nets are a global problem. Fishing nets left or lost in the ocean can be deadly dangerous to sea creatures. Yet, they are a resource that can be recycled and reused to make new products. With the sportstyle ocean P, uvex is demonstrating the potential for modern, recycled sunglasses. In addition, the manufacturing process saves 55 per cent on CO2 emissions and requires no crude oil or petroleum. The result: new, sustainable sports sunglasses with uvex polavision® technology that diffuse light and protect against glare and reflection.
RRP: 99.95 euros

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