uvex pink
ribbon edition

At uvex, "protecting people" goes beyond sport. With the pink ribbon edition, uvex actively supports the fight against breast cancer.

uvex goes pink

For hardly any other form of cancer is early detection as crucial as with breast cancer. That's why we have been supporting Pink Ribbon Germany to raise awareness and actively help for more than 10 years -- with your help. We donate 10 Euros to Pink Ribbon Germany for every pink ribbon edition helmet sold, and 5 Euros for every pair of pink ribbon edition glasses.

uvex i-vo cc
Pink Ribbon

The multiple award-winning bestseller uvex i-vo cc Pink Ribbon gives you the advantagein every situation. In addition to its perfect shape, comfort and functionality, the pink ribbon bike helmet also has an impressive look: fresh alpine white with subtle pink details.

79.95 € UVP

uvex LGL 43
Pink Ribbon

uvex LGL 43 Pink Ribbon sports glasses are characterised by excellent workmanship and attractive color combinations, and the adjustable frames provide a comfortable fit. With the pink ribbon sunglasses, cool matt white meets pink mirroring: trendy and stylish.

59.95 € UVP

The new pink ribbon edition is available in Germany only.

Our ambassadors in the fight against breast cancer

uvex is unseparably linked with strong personalities and successful athletes. We are proud that our female athletes also actively support the fight against breast cancer. This year, we welcome two new triathletes as ambassadors, in addition to the two well-known female riders from last year's pink ribbon edition in equestrian sports.

Triathlete & Ironman Champion

Carolin Lehrieder

Professional triathlete Carolin Lehrieder from Würzburg, Germany is an ambassador for the uvex pink ribbon edition. The "Ironman Italy" winner is part of Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei and is ready for the next coup in her career this year, as she further explains in the uvex stories.

Triathlete & Ironman champion

Laura Philipp

Laura Philipp from Heidelberg, Germany, is an ambassador of the uvex pink ribbon edition. The multiple Ironman winner loves physical activity, and in addition to sports and her place among the world's top triathletes, she focuses intensively on the topics of nature and femininity.

Championship rider

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe is a dressage rider, multiple German Champion and medallist at the World and European Championships as well as the Olympics, andis also an ambassador for the uvex pink ribbon edition. She talks about her journey to success in the uvex stories.

Riding master

Ingrid Klimke  

Ingrid Klimke competes in dressage, show jumping and eventing, and trains most of her horses herself, from when they young until they are ready for the championships. The riding champion has won numerous awards and medals at World and European Championships as well as at the Olympics, and is also an ambassador for the uvex pink ribbon edition this year.

FAQs about Pink Ribbon and Schleifenroute

What is Pink Ribbon Germany?

Since 2010, the non-profit communication campaign Pink Ribbon Germany has been creating more awareness for the topic of breast cancer in Germany for healthy women with regard to early detection of the disease, for those affected and also for the environment of affected families.

What does the pink ribbon symbolise?

Since the 1990s, the pink ribbon has been used worldwide as a symbol for the fight against breast cancer.

How much money does uvex donate for the sale of the uvex pink ribbon edition products?

To support the fight against breast cancer, uvex donates 10 euros for every uvex i-vo cc Pink Ribbon and 5 euros for every uvex LGL 43 Pink Ribbon sold to Pink Ribbon Germany.

What is the Schleifenroute?

The German Schleifenroute is a project of Pink Ribbon Germany and at the same time the largest non-profit project for more awareness towards breast and prostate cancer. According to Pink Ribbon Germany, regular moderate exercise can reduce the personal risk of developing breast cancer by up to 25 percent.

How does uvex support the Schleifenroute?

Together with the #uvexcycling community, we are collecting kilometres on our bikes this year, helping to reach the annual goal of the Schleifenroute of 80,000 kilometres. Every kilometre ridden counts and helps set an example in the fight against breast cancer.

How can I participate in the Ribbon Route?

Simply join the uvex cycling club on Strava, select a tour from the Schleifenroute on https://planung.schleifenroute.org/de/ or plan your own tour. All kilometres you ride are automatically recorded in the uvex cycling club and donated to the Schleifenroute at the end of the year. If you are not active on Strava, you can also enter your kilometres directly into the donation form of the Schleifenroute as "Team uvex" (https://www.schleifenroute.de/kilometer-spenden).

What is the uvex cycling club on Strava?

Strava is the social network for athletes. Activities such as cycling tours can be recorded, analysed and shared with the community here. The uvex cycling club on Strava, which you can join with one click, helps cyclists share experiences and communities, and this year, awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Where can I find tours on and along the Schleifenroute?

The Schleifenroute offers a planning tool on its website that suggests ready-made tours (https://planung.schleifenroute.org/de/). Simply select one and ride it. You can also put together your own individual tour. No matter where, no matter when. Each kilometre counts and lets the total kilometre counter rise to the targeted 80,000 mark whether it's an extensive cycling tour or your usual after-work or weekend ride.

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