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How do I adjust my cycling helmet properly?

It’s very important to ensure that the cycling helmet sits properly not only for safety reasons, but of course also for comfort. That’s why you should make sure to select the correct helmet size before making your purchase.

fitting uvex bike helmet

A few tips for a proper fit

uvex how to
Measuring head circumference

First the circumference of the head needs to be measured to determine the appropriate helmet size. A measuring tape offers the easiest solution: measure the full circumference of the head two finger widths above the eyebrows and above the ears. Tip: if you don’t have a measuring tape, you can also use a piece of string and then measure it with a ruler. 

The right helmet size

The “from-to” size can be found inside the helmet itself: each uvex helmet size accommodates a range of head sizes such as 52–57 cm and 56–61 cm. Alternatively, you can ask the specialist retailer about your helmet size.

uvex how to
uvex how to
Width adjustment

Now turn the dial at the back of the head to accurately adjust the fit down to the millimeter. Next you need to check how the helmet fits on your head: loosen the uvex IAS 3D system by turning the dial and put the helmet on. It should fit comfortably but not fall off when you shake your head lightly with the chin strap open.

Height adjustment

The height of the uvex IAS 3D system can also be adjusted – with the easy-to-use ratchet closure: using two fingers, identify the appropriate height and insert.

uvex how to
uvex how to

The uvex IAS 3D system can be adjusted to improve the position of the y-divider. It should fit comfortably around the ears. The length of the chin strap can also be adjusted in just one simple step.

Level position

Before cycling, you should always ensure that the position of the helmet is level – not too low on the forehead or the neck. The ideal position is two finger widths above the eyebrows.