uvex exxeed diamond

549.95 € RRP

Color: navy

Your personal starry sky for great performance

You’re a sophisticated sportswoman? This gorgeous helmet with all-round safety protection is just right for you.

The top of this elegant riding helmet is decorated with a cascade of Swarovski® crystals set in a shiny chrome frame. More than 500 stones sparkle like stardust and are a real eyecatcher! They sit on top of high-quality features that ensure a perfect fit and the best protection in every situation. These include the vegan leather straps that you can easily adjust with a newly-developed Y-divider, as well as our proven hardshell technology. Ideal for sportswomen who know exactly what it takes to win.


  • A gorgeous top with more than 500 Swarovski® crystals that look like a cascade of stars
  • Vegan leather straps with a new adjustable Y-divider for a perfect fit in every situation
  • Hardshell technology for all-round protection
  • Available in satin black or elegant satin navy for your personal style statement
  • Top-flight functionality down to the finest detail
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We are proud to say that most of our products are "Made in Germany" and every single piece with "Made in uvex" is guaranteed to stand for our quality promise. At our sites in Fürth, Lederdorn and Obernzell, we combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Our products, which are 100% produced in Germany, proudly bear the label "Made in Germany" and thus stand for unsurpassed standards and first-class quality.

Technical features

Article number
530 g
Area of application
Advanced horse riding, Competitive horse riding, Horse riding
EN 1384:2012 + VG1 01.040 2014