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wherever you ride

For the big show, focused training or just for a relaxed ride. On the show or training ground, or out on a dirt trail. Classic-elegant or glamorous and extravagant. The mix of high-quality materials, modern design, unique details and innovative technologies is made especially for demanding riders. Safety, comfort and style. Always. Wherever you ride.

uvex suxxeed blaze

The popular dressage helmet uvex suxxeed blaze impresses with a new design. Its shell in piano lacquer finish with shimmering glitter insert and metal frame in black chrome bid to out-sparkle each other. A true showpiece!

uvex perfexxion II carbon

High-quality carbon-weave finish, chrome-plated ventilation grilles and an outer shell extending deep down to the neck guarantee maximum performance and safety as well as supreme comfort for the wearer. This riding helmet ticks all the boxes.

uvex perfexxion II xc

The uvex perfexxion II xc is a top-class all-rounder with a stylishly sparkling panel to attract admiring glances. It impresses with outstanding performance, supreme comfort and maximum protection.

uvex elexxion MIPS

Whether jumping ditches or obstacles – with our innovative hybrid helmet featuring height-adjustable MIPS you will have no need to worry about your safety. Or your stylish appearance for that matter.

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