uvex xcitd CV

99.00 € RRP

Color: black matt

Clean, edgy and mega-cool

Laid-back ski goggles for narrower faces in five ultra-cool colours with uvex colorvision® technology. You’ll find it hard to choose just one!

When a futuristic design meets high-end functionality, you can be sure the uvex xcitd CV goggles are not far away. You’ll love their perfect fit on your helmet, but also their top-quality lenses with uvex colorvision® technology. Put them on and you can always count on the best vision in all visibility and light conditions. The mega-cool look suits them well and makes a real statement: trendy, ultra-modern and uncompromisingly sporty.

Technologies included

precise. high contrast. safer.

Clear vision. Excellent depth perception. Popping contrast – no matter what the terrain or conditions are like. That’s thanks to the premium colour filters in our uvex colorvision® lenses. Soft, diffuse light is transformed into crisp, high-contrast light. The top-quality optics and mist-free lens technology result in greater enjoyment and safety.

mist free. reliable. safer.

Mist-free vision. Clear optics. Reliable clarity – which means better safety in poor conditions. That’s thanks to uvex supravision® lens technology. A special anti-fog coating prevents lenses from misting up, without affecting optical quality. And for twice as long as the standard. Pure optical joy.

Technical features

Article number
97 g
Area of application
Skiing, Snowboard, Ski touring, Cross-country skiing, Piste, Park skiing, Ski mountaineering
EN 174:2001 EN ISO 18527-1:2022
Lens color
mirror blue
cloudy, overcast
Filter category