uvex downhill 2100 V

169.00 € RRP

Color: black matt

Less frame. Enhanced view.

The evolution of iconic ski goggles: the uvex downhill 2000 V model combines design and functionality in an innovative manner and seamlessly slots into the success story of the uvex downhill 2000 series. Thanks to the uvex supravision® anti-fog coating, the enlarged field of view is guaranteed to remain mist-free and, with the aid of the uvex variomatic® technology, the lens tints automatically and adapts to changing light conditions in seconds.

It’s time to celebrate a jubilee: for more than 50 years, the uvex downhill 2000 series has been protecting winter sports enthusiasts against sun, wind and snow while recording many successes in the World Cup. It’s high time then for a really inspired upgrade of these iconic ski goggles: the uvex downhill 2100 V goggles score points with the uvex variomatic® technology for smooth-transition automatic tinting that adapts to a wide range of light situations on the piste in no time at all. Integrated uvex supravision® anti-fog coating reliably prevents the spherical lens from steaming up for optimum vision at all times. In addition to the technical features, the goggles impress above all with their reduced frame design and an improved fit with extended nose pad. They fit perfectly into various helmet models and, thanks to OTG technology also allow spectacle wearers sufficient space for their prescription eyewear.


  • The photochromic lens technology allows an adjustment of the light transmission within the filter categories 1-3 by automatic lens tinting
  • Freely adjustable lens tinting for optimum visibility in any lighting situation thanks to variomatic® lens technology
  • Fog-free vision without affecting the optical quality of the lens thanks to uvex supravision®
  • Clear, distortion-free vision thanks to injection-moulded, decentred grade 1 lenses
  • Climate-regulating, waterproof and breathable ventilation membrane for optimum draught-free frame ventilation

Technologies included

smooth. adaptive. safer.

Smooth transition. Adaptive tint. Flexible eye protection – no matter what the light. That’s thanks to uvex variomatic® photochromic lenses. They automatically adjust light transmission and smoothly switch through categories 0-4. No lens changing required.

mist free. reliable. safer.

Mist-free vision. Clear optics. Reliable clarity – which means better safety in poor conditions. That’s thanks to uvex supravision® lens technology. A special anti-fog coating prevents lenses from misting up, without affecting optical quality. And for twice as long as the standard. Pure optical joy.

Technical features

Article number
120 g
Area of application
Skiing, Snowboard, Ski touring, Cross-country skiing, Piste, Park skiing, Ski mountaineering
EN 174:2001 EN ISO 18527-1:2022
Lens color
vario green mirror
snowfall, cloudy, overcast, sunny
Filter category