uvex face shield

The face shield for daily use

The uvex face shield stops saliva droplets and spaters to minimise risk of infection.

Since many users have to wear the face shield for extended periods of time, particular emphasis was placed on comfort. The visor is very light and has an anti-fog coating on the inside. Additional foam padding makes the face shield particularly comfortable. For optimal protection, we recommend using the face shield in combination with a face mask.

The product can be cleaned with water, mild soap or commercial disinfectant and a soft cloth when necessary.

uvex face shield

  • Hygienic protection
    Both becoming infected and infecting others are minimised. Best when used in combination with a face mask.

  • Flexible
    Suitable for all head sizes

  • Comfort
    Soft foam padding and anti-fog inside coating

Available now from uvex sports field and office sales:

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