You never ride alone

Even if you prefer to ride alone: The Tocsen crash sensor is always the perfect companion. No matter if you’re mountain biking, horseback riding or carving the slopes. But what if an accident happens? Off-road or on a remote trail? And there is nobody around to help?

Then Tocsen helps. The unique system consisting of crash sensor and app detects a fall, asks how you’re doing and sends an emergency call including accident location GPS data, if there is no answer. To emergency contacts and the entire Tocsen community nearby.

Tocsen crash sensor

Simply for everyone: The Tocsen button

Tocsen crash sensor
  • Optimum safety when riding, skiing or cycling
  • Suitable for every helmet: the button is very easy to attach

Perfectly integrated: Tocsen helmet series with crash sensor

uvex quatro integrale Tocsen

  • Already integrated within the IAS dial of the helmet
  • Provides safety in open terrain, on blocked trails or root passages
  • Can be easily charged via micro USB

For biking

Smart solutions are required for optimum safety in open terrain or off the beaten track. The uvex quatro integrale tocsen shows how security 2.0 works today. The intelligent Tocsen crash sensor comes with the helmet and is already integrated in the anatomical size adjustment dial.

uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen

  • High-end enduro helmet with integrated Tocsen crash sensor
  • Automatic emergency call system
  • Deep rear for improved impact protection at the back of the head

uvex rise cc Tocsen

  • Lightweight and stylish road helmet with slim silhouette, double inmould technology and integrated Tocsen crash sensor
  • Outstanding fit and individual adjustment in height and width
  • Extended rear for improved protection

For horseback riding

The uvex elexxion tocsen is the first hybrid riding helmet with an integrated emergency call system that is made in Germany. The unique technology of the Tocsen crash sensor and smartphone app (for Android & iOS) automatically detect a fall and asks how the rider is doing.

uvex elexxion Tocsen

  • Hybrid riding helmet with integrated Tocsen crash sensor
  • Automatic emergency call system
  • Individual adjustment in height and width

uvex exxential II Tocsen

For carving

Enjoy powder away from the slopes – with a good feeling. The Tocsen crash sensor with the integrated emergency system fits on every ski helmet and is the ideal companion, even in remote areas.

Tocsen crash sensor

  • Available in three colors: pink, grey and black
  • 3 months of battery life
  • Rechargeable

100% made in Germany

The technology is produced in the Black Forest, the shell in Nuremberg. The batteries come from Lake Constance, the packaging from Braunschweig. The servers are located in Bavaria – and the Tocsen headquarter is in Freiburg. While uvex is responsible for sales in Fürth.