uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen

199.95 € RRP

Color: sand-dark rhino matt

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Tocsen inside

Stylish enduro helmet meets intelligent crash sensor. The uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen shows how smart Safety 2.0 functions off-road.

Touring alone and feeling slightly uneasy? There’s no need for that now with the uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen, which means that mountain bikers are no longer alone after a crash. The smart enduro helmet with intelligent Tocsen crash sensor triggers an emergency call and transmits GPS data to a list of key personal contacts in the event of an accident and if the rider no longer reacts. To enable this, the Tocsen sensor integrated into the dial of the size adjustment system is connected with the accompanying smartphone app before the start of a tour. As an additional safety feature, the system also notifies the ever-growing Tocsen community of the accident so that any first responders in the immediate vicinity can reach the site quickly. Further standout features of the uvex finale 2.0 Tocsen are the shield with three different positions, the deep rear for improved impact protection and 19 ventilation channels.