Design, comfort and high-tech at peak perfection: the uvex visor helm collection 2021/22

For the winter season 2021/22, uvex is presenting no fewer than three new all-in-one highlights that combine uncompromising protection, a strikingly sporty design and unbeatable comfort for the wearer. Among the highlights are the progressive uvex instinct visor and uvex instinct visor pro V, the sleek uvex wanted visor and the cool rocket jr. visor.

The 2021/22 season sees visor helmets very much in fashion. Behind this development is the design offensive initiated by uvex, with its inspiring dynamic contours, slim fits and popular trendy colours that raise the category of visor helmets to the next level. The days when skiers in bulky-looking visor helmets were greeted with derision are over. Now the difference from the classic combination of helmet and goggles is barely noticeable on the piste. On the contrary, the uvex visor helmets of the next generation impress with their very own style. Added to this are the benefits of a single system, and not just for ventilation. The visors have a flush fit, offer space for prescription eyewear, if needed, and are guaranteed to exclude misting-up and draughts. Familiar technologies from uvex skiing goggles, such as supravison® anti-fog coating and uvex variomatic® self-tinting, have long since become part of the standard repertoire in uvex visor helmets as well. All of these features are combined with the outstanding protective effect achieved through ultra-modern hardshell technology.

The uvex visor helmet highlights at a glance

uvex instinct visor and uvex instinct visor pro V: Guaranteed the coolest all-in-one solution for unforgettable days of skiing
Progressive, perfectly styled and aerodynamic – the uvex instinct visor and its big brother the uvex instinct visor pro V are among the highlights of the uvex visor helmet collection. The sporty all-mountain visor helmet with its angular style offers uncompromising protection and maximum performance. Thanks to the dynamic contours in the upper head range and the reduced rear section, both models impress with the particularly slim, super sporty fit. The uvex instinct visor has a striking mirrored visor with uvex supravision® anti-fog coating. It is anatomically optimised and creates a perfect seal around the face. In contrast, the uvex instinct visor pro V scores with a self-tinting uvex variomatic® visor for maximum comfort in every weather. The visors easily click into place in one of the three fixed settings and promise draught-free vision at any speed. The ingenious ventilation system can be easily adjusted, enabling a perfect climate to be maintained inside the helmet whatever the weather. In the uvex instinct visor pro V, the highly functional Coolmax® liner, the magnetic FidLock® buckle and top-quality Alcantara inserts round off the comfort features.
uvex instinct visor, RRP: EUR 199.95
uvex instinct visor pro V, RRP: EUR 299.95

uvex wanted visor: Everybody’s darling with full-mirror visor and slim fit
Cool, cooler, coolest – the uvex wanted visor is one of the stand-out visor helmets far and wide. The sturdy hardshell construction with impact-resistant outer shell and shock-absorbing EPS inner shell promises supreme protection. Thanks to its slim fit, the temperature-regulating liner with especially soft ear pads and additional neck warmer, the helmet impresses as a unisex model. Once in place, it instantly creates a cosy beanie-like feeling. The full-mirror visor with supravision® anti-fog coating guarantees a mist-free view in every terrain and the individually adjustable ventilation system maintains an optimum climate inside the helmet whatever the weather. It’s not only the cool visor that attracts admiring glances but also the exceptional look in the latest on-trend colours.
RRP EUR 169.95

uvex rocket jr. visor: Great skiing trips for tomorrow’s aces
The uvex rocket jr. visor has now arrived to bring undiluted skiing fun for cool kids. With its large visor, the helmet not only looks mega chic, but is also super-safe with its sturdy hardshell construction. At the same time, the inner EPS shell absorbs shocks and insulates against the cold. And, as an added bonus, the comfort padding with neck warmer creates an extremely pleasant sensation for the wearer. To ensure the up-and-coming skiing stars keep a cool head even on the wildest descent, the passive ventilation system maintains a permanent stream of cool air through the helmet. Thanks to the combination of contrast-intensifying lasergold lite tinting and uvex supravision® anti-fog coating, the slightly mirrored visor promises optimum and guaranteed mist-free vision in every weather.
RRP EUR 139.95

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