best protection for little ones

Brand new: the uvex oyo series

Light and cute - but above all super safe

When our little ones set off on their big adventures, maximum protection with flexible adjustment options has top priority. The uvex KID PROtect at the back of the head and the innovative uvex xTRA Shield in the forehead area set new standards in terms of safety. And thanks to its child-friendly design and ultra-soft "baby bear" padding, the uvex oyo style makes it easy to convince even the youngest children to wear a bike helmet.

Thanks to the dino motif, protecting our little ones is child's play.

Jennifer, mother und cycling enthusiast, #uvexathletes

uvex oyo style

The uvex oyo style impresses down the line with its child-focused design, soft plush padding and first-class protection. Thanks to the innovative uvex xTRA Shield, in which the helmet visor is integrated into the EPS material, the sensitive area around the forehead receives optimum protection in the event of an accident.

uvex KID PROtect

The innovative silicone insert at the back of the head reduces jolting and prevents your child's head from slipping off the seat back.

plug-in LED

The silicone insert can be quickly and easily replaced with an optional plug-in LED, for additional visibility and safety after dark.

cute design

The breathable interior with a cute baby bear design protects your child's head and provides ultra-soft comfort.