uvex ocean

Fewer ghost nets in our oceans. More protection for our planet and its inhabitants. With the uvex ocean series, we are making an important contribution to the preservation of our environment. For our sustainable sports and lifestyle eyewear collection, we recycle abandoned plastic fishing nets and use no petroleum in the manufacture of our "green" products. In this way, we achieve a CO2 saving of up to 55 percent compared to conventional eyewear – and protect not only numerous marine creatures such as turtles and dolphins, but also the climate. Because protection means sustainability.

Sustainable uvex eyewear for sports and leisure.

This is what the uvex ocean series is all about:
  • Frame from 100% Recycled Fishing Nets
  • uvex polavision® lenses are 100% biodegradable
  • Logos and lettering are 100% water-based lacquers
  • Eyewear bag is 100% Eucalyptus Tencel®
  • Cotton goggle strap with Öko-Tex 100 Standard
  • Packaging from 100% recycled paper

uvex LGL ocean P

The uvex LGL ocean P is part of our Ocean Series and is made of 100 per cent recycled ocean waste material. In addition, the uvex LGL ocean P is equipped with uvex polavision® technology. This absorbs diffuse light and protects against glare and reflection, making it the perfect companion for the beach.

uvex LGL ocean 2 P

The uvex LGL ocean 2 P is a classic pair of sunglasses with a narrow fit. It affords 100 per cent protection against harmful UV rays and is fitted with uvex polavision®. This technology absorbs diffuse light and effectively prevents reflections, glare and eye strain.

Acting with responsibility.

Turning abandoned fishing nets into sports eyewear: This is our contribution to the recycling of abandoned plastic nets salvaged from the oceans.

For our oceans and their inhabitants. Sustainable and transparent. This is how the eyewear in our uvex ocean series is made:

1. We remove ghost nets from the oceans in the fight against the flood of plastic.

Worn-out fishing nets pose a deadly threat to many marine creatures. Once caught in the net, there is usually no escape for fish, birds, turtles and marine mammals. We want to minimise these threats and the burden of microplastics in the oceans by reclaiming abandoned fishing nets from the seas in an environmentally sound manner.

2. We clean and shred the collected fishing nets.

In order to be able to produce as resource-efficiently and sustainably as possible for the protection of humans, animals and nature, we reuse 100 per cent of the abandoned fishing nets.

3. We produce pellets from the shredded nets

We process the fishing nets recovered from the sea in an environmentally friendly way to obtain pellets for the manufacture of new uvex ocean series products.

4. We turn old into new – and that's something that is clear for all to see

We produce sustainable sports and lifestyle eyewear from 100% recycled fishing nets, saving 55% of CO2 emissions compared to conventionally manufactured eyewear. Climate and environmentally friendly, thanks to lenses made of 100% biodegradable material and sustainable packaging – all without sacrificing function and stylish design.