Made in

innovative protection since 1926

uvex is present all over the globe and at home in top sports worldwide. We are deeply rooted in the fascinating world of sports: from top athletes to enthusiastic performers, uvex products shine all over the world. We are proud to say that most of our products are "Made in Germany" and every single piece with "Made in uvex" is guaranteed to stand for our quality promise.

We don't take the conventional route and outsource our production. Instead, we keep an eye on the entire value chain - from the initial idea to pioneering research and development and production using state-of-the-art processes. By concentrating on production facilities in Germany and Europe, we can deliver first-class products at all times. We are not only concerned about quality, but also about sustainability. Our know-how enables us to ensure both and thus protect customers and the environment in equal measure.

All about Made in Germany

What does "Made in Germany" mean for uvex sports products?


means ensuring fair working conditions and remuneration - also for suppliers and partners. Our independence from global supply chains enables us to supply retailers and consumers quickly and reliably.


means for us that we place the highest demands on our products. They are developed and tested internally. Controlled throughout the entire supply chain. Everywhere and at all times.


means for us that we control the materials we use. Reducing CO2 emissions through short delivery routes. And developing products that fit our protecting-planet philosophy with their outstanding, sustainable properties.


we demonstrate every day in our think tanks in Fürth, Lederdorn and Obernzell. This enables us to react quickly to market and product developments.

Locations made in uvex

Quality and craftmanship combined

At our sites in Fürth, Lederdorn and Obernzell, we combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to manufacture products of the highest quality. Highly qualified teams work at each of our sites, passionately committed to our quality standards.

Our three locations
in Germany

Fürth is home to our headquarters, where innovative ideas are born and research and development are driven forward, as well as the production site for the single lens goggles for uvex ski goggles. In Lederdorn, the production processes are precisely implemented and ski goggles and helmets are manufactured, while in Obernzell, final inspection and quality assurance take place on the one hand, but helmets for all uvex sports areas winter, cycling and equestrian sports are also produced.

Fürth Hardhöhe:
uvex sports Headquarter

The heart of the company is our headquarters in Fürth Hardhöhe, the birthplace of uvex and a location since 1926. In addition to the management, human resources and marketing departments, the production halls are also bustling with activity. This is where our innovative safety eyewear is produced, as well as single lenses for our uvex ski goggles.

Production of ski goggles and helmets

Around 120 employees work here in the former button factory, taking care not only of production but also of the administration of the plant, which was founded in 1969 and has been producing uvex ski goggles ever since. Since 1999, Lederdorn has also been the production site for ski helmets, and since 2009, riding helmets have also been manufactured here.


Production of cycling, riding and ski helmets

The small town of Obernzell, home of uvex subsidiary BSA, is located in the Lower Bavarian district of Passau. Since its founding in 1992, BSA has been producing uvex cycling, riding and ski helmets there with the help of 200 employees. The managing directors firmly believe in "Made in Germany" and the associated promise of quality, which is why production at the Obernzell site is being expanded.

Made in Germany.

Made for you.

Our products, which are 100% produced in Germany, proudly bear the label "Made in Germany" and thus stand for unsurpassed standards and first-class quality. Regionally produced products can be discovered in all uvex product categories, be it cycling, equestrian or winter sports.