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uvex race 8 makes the difference:
Bart Aernouts wins DATEV Challenge Roth

Datev Challenge Roth is the fastest long distance triathlon competition. Only here is the 8-hour time barrier regularly broken. So, Roth is the perfect place to unveil a special helmet to the world.
uvex race 8 aero helmet is designed to make triathlon even faster, thanks to meticulous attention to detail. At the official première in Roth, Germany, it achieves outstanding results:
Bart Aernouts wins in 7:59:07 hours. Maurice Clavel has the best time on the bike leg and is third overall. Timo Bracht finishes fourth, in his last professional masters race. All three athletes have something in common – an aero helmet, which sets new standards.

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Optimized aerodynamics

Before a helmet like uvex race 8 can play an important role in top races, it must undergo hundreds of hours of development and testing. “We analyzed the typical low, aggressive triathlon riding position,” says product manager Florian Zeibig. “And added data from complex 3D body scans, before developing the first prototypes.”

A wide outer design improves airflow detachment, and depressions on the sides optimize aerodynamic performance. uvex race 8’s centrally placed ventilation lowers standing pressure over the forehead. There’s optimized shaping over the chin and shoulders. The magnetic visor closes seamlessly onto the helmet and can be operated with one hand.

Crucial seconds

Noticeably less air turbulence and lower standing pressure means long distance triathletes can gain valuable seconds. This measurable improvement is visible using CFD analysis in the wind tunnel. Test riders are faster for the same power output, or can reach the same speed with less power.  

In tests with athletes, savings in wind resistance in the total system of up to 4.2 % were recorded, compared to the previous model. On a 180 km ride it was faster by 1 minute and 6 seconds. “This helmet really is fast,” confirms Bart Aernouts. “Its aerodynamics helped me achieve my dream of a victory in Roth.”

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„I have already tested the race 8 and wore it when I won on Lanzarote. The course runs through a lava landscape, famous for its high temperatures. I wasn’t just surprised by the aerodynamics – but also by its effective cooling.“

Bart Aernouts is a 2-time Duathlon World Champion – 2010 and 2013. In 2014 he became Middle Distance Triathlon European Champion. In May 2017 he won IRONMAN Lanzarote, and now DATEV Challenge Roth.

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„uvex race 8 doesn’t just have brilliant aerodynamics and workmanship. The helmet also has a wide field of view, which is important for safety on the road. The visor is great too. It’s easy to use and retains its high visibility, even if it gets damp inside.”

Timo Bracht has won 12 IRONMAN distance triathlons and reached the podium 20 times. He ranks as Germany’s most successful long distance triathlete.

Up to 4.2% less wind resistance in wind tunnel tests

Cycling leg best time DATEV Challenge Roth 2017

Winning helmet IRONMAN Lanzarote 2017

uvex race 8 helmet

At DATEV Challenge Roth the uvex race 8 finished
1st, 3rd, 4th and 8th

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