uvex victor muffat-jeandet

no risk. no win.

World Cup winner, Olympian, dare-devil. uvex athlete Muffat-Jeandet knows: no guts, no glory.

Ski World Cup winner Victor Muffat-Jeandet knows what it means when fractions of a second can decide whether to win or lose. With 0.96 seconds ahead, he was able to take home his first World Cup victory in Wengen, just in time for the new year. It's no wonder that working on ski racer products for ski racers means so much to him. Especially when designing ski goggles. "Being able to see everything is crucial. Sometimes fractions of a second mean everything, "says Muffat-Jeandet.


"I always go to the limit. Just to see how far I can come. "

A safe way to success

As a perfectionist, the bronze medal winner of the 2018 Winter Olympics chooses helmets and ski goggles that he can rely on anytime. His equipment must be absolutely perfect. Because he, too, always gives 100%, says Muffat-Jeandet. "My helmet and glasses are a big part of my sport. Safety and performance are always paramount to me." That's why his involvement in the development of uvex products for ski racers provides important insights.

uvex Victor Muffat

“I don’t want to regret anything.”

uvex Victor Muffat
uvex Victor Muffat

Pushing the limits of what’s possible

The 27-year-old ski racer goes to his limits on every downhill track – at full risk – to be successful. In training, he works hard on his strengths, but also on his weaknesses. "That’s what makes me different, better and stronger," Muffat-Jeandet explains. That’s why not only the improvement of his technique and his physical fitness are in focus, but also his mental attitude – his motivation and his drive. That's what makes the difference. "My ambition is this dream that I have. And I work hard for it," the young Frenchman says. "That's why I'm so confident in what I do. Because I really want this. I do not want to regret anything." For his dream, he trains the whole year round. And because he wants to live up to these expectations on himself.

uvex Victor Muffat

“Hard work pays off.”

His strict discipline, Muffat-Jeandet says, is what helps him on every descent. "What I impose on myself is a lot sometimes. But I know why I’m doing this – to be successful. I live for this moment."

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