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Which lens do I use for which weather?

The ski goggles are a must-have on every slope – for the best view and perfect protection. But which ski goggles are the right ones?

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A few tips for selecting a pair of ski goggles

For your needs

Which lens best meets my requirements depends on the weather and protection level.

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Level 1 Protection

For limited visibility – for example, in the case of fog or snowfall – we recommend ski goggles featuring lenses with level 1 protection, a high-contrast and a brightening effect.

Level 2 Protection

Ski goggles with level 2 protection and a slightly mirrored lens are ideal for days with both sun and clouds.

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Level 3 Protection

Highly mirrored ski goggles with level 3 protection should be used on sunny days.

Level 4 Protection

Level 4 protection is recommended for extreme sun – ideal for glacier tours. This lens is highly tinted.

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Polarization filter

Ideally, the lens also has a polarization filter to compensate for reflections off the snow and protect the eye from fatigue.

uvex variomatic® technology

uvex variomatic® technology is the most suitable option for all those who would prefer to use the same lens for all weather conditions – for stepless automatic lens tinting in mere seconds. The perfect view in any weather.