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How do I clean my ski goggles?

uvex ski goggles offer protection from snow, sun and injury. But how do you protect the ski goggles? Ski goggles should be regularly cared for to ensure reliable protection at all times.

uvex ski goggles cleaning

A few care tips


The goggles should only be cleaned from the outside and only with additive-free water. Careful: do not use any household cleaners or chemical additives. We recommend allowing them to air-dry.

uvex how to
Water drops

If drops of water have formed on the surface, simply dab them gently with the included textile bag or gently wipe them off. Do not use a dirty or rough cloth.


The inside of the lens features an anti-fog coating. Careful: do not wipe the inner surface! If the inside needs to be cleaned, only dab carefully. If snow collects on the inside of the lens, simply shake it off.

uvex how to
uvex how to
More information

All other information can be found in the included instructions.