How do I change the visor on my ski helmet?

The visor on the ski helmet can be changed with ease to accommodate different weather conditions – for the best protection possible in all lighting.

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A few tips for changing the visor

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Soft surface

The helmet should be placed on a soft surface to prevent the lens from scratching.

Loosening the screws

A ten-cent coin can be used to change the lens: hold the visor along the edge to avoid leaving fingerprints. The screws on the side can be loosened using the coin and then turned by hand the rest of the way, releasing the screw along with the plastic washer and allowing the visor to extend out. Now do the same on the other side.

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uvex how to
uvex how to
Removing the visor

Once the two screws have been loosened, the visor can be removed entirely.

Using a replacement visor

The replacement visor is attached at the connection points and the washer realigned with the two grooves. The screw can then be tightened again with hand and coin. Check the maneuverability of the visor. Done.

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