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How do I clean my sports eyewear?

Sports eyewear should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure good protection and vision at all times. And, of course, to extend the service life. Wet or dry? And what do I need to take into account?

uvex sports eyewear cleaning

A few tips for cleaning

dry cleaning
Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning removes fingerprints and slight staining – for example, with the included sports eyewear textile bag. Careful: do not apply excessive pressure, as the mirrored coating on the lens can scratch easily. If spots cannot be removed entirely, breathe on the lens and wipe again with the bag.

Wet cleaning

When it comes to wet cleaning, the eyewear is cleaned under running, lukewarm water and, if necessary, washed with a mild soap. Careful: the inside of the lens features an anti-fog coating and should not be wiped down. Do not use solvents or chemical cleaning agents. Always use a clean cloth with a soft surface.

cleaning sports glasses
More information

All product information can also be found in the included instructions.