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How do I change the lenses of my sports eyewear?

The lenses of the various uvex sports eyewear can be changed with ease to accommodate different weather conditions. The varying tints with different protection levels are suitable for all weather conditions.

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A few tips for changing the lens

changing the lenses
Conventional lens change system

For a conventional lens change system, hold the eyewear in the middle at the bridge, pull the frame to the side, and release the lens. Then take the replacement lens, line it up with the frame, and press in at the middle.

Click system

For eyewear with a click system, press the button on the inside and remove the lens. Putting the lens back in is just as simple.

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shield eyewear
Shield eyewear

For shield eyewear, release the locking mechanism at the bridge, open the frame, remove the lens and insert the new lens. Then secure the locking mechanism.

Simple insert system

For sports eyewear with a simple insert system, remove the nose piece, release the lens from the frame, and insert the new lens. The lens can now be clicked into place in the middle and the nose piece can be reattached.

insert system