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How do I adjust my riding helmet properly?

To ensure the best head protection possible, uvex riding helmets only feature high-quality materials that meet our safety standards. But the right fit on the head is also absolutely essential to ensuring maximum safety.

uvex how to riding helmet fitting

A few tips for a proper fit

adjusting helmet
Helmet size

Once the right helmet size has been determined by measuring the circumference of the head, the helmet can be perfectly adjusted to each head using the uvex IAS 3D system. Simply loosen the system entirely and put the helmet on.

Width adjustment

Now turn the dial at the back of the head to tighten the ring and thus the width.

adjusting height
Height adjustment

The uvex IAS 3D system should make contact with the head where you naturally have a curve at the back of the head. To ensure a correct fit, the height can be adjusted with the easy-to-use ratchet closure. Identify the appropriate height using two fingers and insert. Check the fit: even with the chin strap open, the helmet should have a secure fit.


The uvex IAS 3D system can be adjusted to improve the position of the rstrap joint. It should fit comfortably around the ears. The length of the chin strap can also be adjusted in just one simple step.

head with helmet
man with helmet
Monomatic comfort closure

Important: the uvex monomatic comfort closure must be fully inserted until the final click. Two fingers should fit between the chin and strap.