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Do my riding gloves fit properly?

Anyone who rides on a regular basis knows that gloves not only offer greater comfort, but also a more secure grip on the reins. A proper fit and sufficient grip ensure a precise and tactile use of the reins.

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A few tips for a proper fit


Important when trying on: the optimal fit. The fingers should fit entirely inside the glove without leaving too much space inside the material. Wrinkles on the ring finger indicate that the fit is too loose, which in turn will limit control of the reins. 

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Finger length

To determine if the length of the glove is correct, intertwine the fingers and press the material all the way down. Then look at the seams between the fingers to see if the length is correct and the glove lines up with the hand. The glove should also fit securely on the wrist. Simply close the velcro and check the fit.

Pressure points

Hands remain closed when riding – the glove should not apply too much pressure. For an optimal use of the reins, the rider’s hand needs to be soft and flexible. As a result, the glove should not cause any pressure points. To find out, form a fist with your hand and see if you feel any pressure points or if the glove fits comfortably firm and secure.


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