The new uvex exxeed collection surpasses all expectations! With the invaluable expertise of our uvex ambassador and riding master Ingrid Klimke, combined with over a decade of uvex riding helmet development, we have created something truly special. This riding helmet sets new standards in safety with its enhanced fit that reaches a new level of comfort and not to forget: a stunning design that captures everyone's attention. Get ready to exxeed expectations with one of the eight new uvex exxeed models.


setting new standards

High protection. Maximum comfort. Gorgeous design for top performance in your sport. 100% designed, engineered and made in Germany. uvex riding helmets combine protection, comfort and design. Giving you maximum confidence in the saddle. Whether you’re training, competing or just out for a ride. Indispensable for all riders.

  • Hardshell technology
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Glossy, piano-finish frame
  • Vegan leather straps
  • New, adjustable Y-divider
  • Monomatic lock
  • 3D IAS size adjustment
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Can be worn over glasses
  • Standards: EN 1384:2023-06

uvex exxeed x Ingrid Klimke

Satin with over 3000 Swarovski® crystals

The uvex exxeed flash makes a strong statement with its satin cover and multiple Swarovski® crystals. It also offers a max of protection based on the latest standards, as well as top-level comfort with its high-quality details.

Matte satin and Swarovski® glamour

A matte satin covering combined with more than 1000 clear Swarovski® crystals. Plus a chrome frame in metallic black. A horse-riding helmet with protection based on the latest standards. And its high-quality details ensure a perfect fit.

Like a star-studded sky to boost your performance

A stardust cascade of Swarovski® crystals – incredibly beautiful and a real eye-catcher. This elegant dressage helmet offers exquisite features that give demanding competition riders like you secure, all-round protection. 

A satin-covered top featuring Swarovski® stones and a glossy shell

The shell offers a glossy, piano-like finish, complemented by a satin-covered top with over 450 glittering Swarovski® stones set in an attractive, black-metal chrome frame. An unusual look that includes the latest functionality and protection.

A sporty chic vibe

You'll love the uvex exxeed pro with its grained vegan leather cover and its striking chrome frame in metal-black. The clean look is complemented by the new vegan leather straps that you can easily adjust with the newly-developed Y-divider. The result: high protection that complies with the latest standards – plus a comfortable fit to help you achieve top performance. 

For a clean and sporty look

Offers a classic matte shell with a piano-finish frame as a glossy highlight. Plus a vegan leather strap that you can easily adjust with the new Y-divider. It even has a height-adjustable MIPS safety system that safeguards you against rotational movements to the brain if you fall. That's the absolute best in protection aligned with the latest standards. For riders who want top performance and a stylish look. 

A piano-like finish with a chrome frame

You'll love the outer shell's glossy piano-like finish and striking chrome frame in black metal. Combines an unusual look with top-level functionality and protection.

Ideal if you love a clean and sporty look

The uvex exxeed active stands out with its matte look highlighted by the glossy, piano-like frame detail. High protection that meets the latest standards is combined with maximum comfort to help you achieve top performance. 

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