uvex perfexxion II

259.95 € RRP

Color: anthracite mat

Safety in perfexxion!

uvex perfexxion II – the advanced version of the casual classic uvex perfexxion sets high standards in terms of climate control and comfort. The honeycomb structure of the enlarged ventilation channels is just one feature of the innovative design. Its matt colour combinations are certain to make riders' hearts beat that little bit faster.

The uvex perfexxion II is the perfected combination of sportiness, climate control and safety. The uvex product developers and designers have put their entire expertise into the creation of this riding helmet: one of the safety-relevant innovations is the outer shell, which has been extended down to the back of the head. Extending the shell over the neck provides a maximum of safety – for the back of the rider's head as well. A cut-out for ponytails makes for a comfortable fit. Innovation is clearly visible in this helmet: due to its slim shape, the perfexxion II is particularly light and perfectly adapted to meet the ergonomic demands of active riding. This riding helmet is a true pioneer in terms of its light weight and comprehensive protection. Complementing the innovative design is the uvex dynamic ventilation to provide optimal climate control. Thanks to large air channels in combination with a honeycomb structure, the helmet guarantees optimum climate management at all times. Additional comfort for the wearer comes from the lining: washable pads made from a soft-touch material and memory foam as well as the 3D IAS size adjustment guarantee a perfect fit on every head at all times. With the new perfexxion II, riders can easily forget that they are wearing a helmet at all.


  • Impact-resistant on the outside and shock-absorbing on the inside thanks to the robust outer shell and EPS inner shell
  • Optimum adaptation to the circumference and the shape of your head thanks to the adjustable uvex IAS 3.0 system incl. height adjustment
  • The FAS webbing can be easily and freely adjusted exactly to the shape of your own head
  • One-handed opening of the helmet thanks to the anatomically shaped uvex monomatic comfort lock
  • Optimised air circulation through cleverly designed ventilation openings
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We are proud to say that most of our products are "Made in Germany" and every single piece with "Made in uvex" is guaranteed to stand for our quality promise. At our sites in Fürth, Lederdorn and Obernzell, we combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Our products, which are 100% produced in Germany, proudly bear the label "Made in Germany" and thus stand for unsurpassed standards and first-class quality.

Technologies included

secure. intuitive. comfortable.

Secure fit. Comfortable shape. Simple button operation. The anatomically shaped uvex monomatic sliding tab comfort fastener is button operated with just one hand. Allowing for precise adjustment of the chin strap to create a snug helmet fit. Easy peasy.

precise. secure. simple.

Custom adjustment. Optimum fit. Easy handling – in just seconds. That’s what the uvex helmets with IAS system offer. Precise width and height adjustment on a range of head circumferences and shapes, creating a snug, secure fit and superior comfort. Helmets for all shapes and sizes.

Technical features

Article number
540 g
Area of application
Horse riding, Competitive horse riding, Advanced horse riding
EN 1384:2012 + VG1 01.040 2014