uvex g.gl 3000 LGL

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Color: white mat

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uvex g.gl 3000 LGL

Cool styling reduced to the essentials. The uvex g.gl 3000 LGL model impresses with a clean design and supplies all the features that skiers come to expect from top-of-the-range ski goggles. Their lasergold lite tinting ensures substantially enhanced detail perception – for the best possible vision on any piste.

In rain, snow or mist, it soon becomes difficult to pick out contours on the piste. The uvex g.gl 3000 LGL goggles offer a remedy: their lasergold lite lens has a contrast-enhancing effect and ensures that the wearers can perceive their surroundings better even in bad weather. The unique uvex supravision® technology effectively prevents fogging of the lens, while OTG technology conveniently allows the ski goggles to be worn over prescription eyewear. Direct frame ventilation ensures an outstanding exchange of air.

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Best vision thanks to the unique uvex supravision® coating.
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