uvex athletic CV bike

99.95 € RRP

Ready to shred

The uvex athletic CV model is where contrast and colour -intensifying uvex colorvision® technology meets an extremely wide field of view. OTG technology even allows the goggles to be worn over prescription eyewear.

The progressive uvex athletic CV goggles with mirrored cylindrical single lens, silicone strap and XXL field of vision promise full-on downhill action. With uvex supravision® anti-fog coating and contrast-intensifying uvex colorvision® technology, they noticeably enhance awareness of depth on the trail to increase your speed of reaction and assure you of a safe ride. And of course, the uvex athletic model not only protects you against flying stones and dust, low-hanging branches and other obstacles, but also against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. Extremely practical: thanks to their special shape, the goggles can even be worn over prescription eyewear.

Technologies included

precise. high contrast. safer.

Full colours. Excellent depth perception. Popping contrast – no matter what the terrain or conditions are like. That’s thanks to the premium colour filter in our uvex colorvision® lenses. Soft, diffuse light is transformed into crisp, high-contrast light. Intense colours for maximum outdoor fun.

mist free. reliable. safer.

Mist-free vision. Clear optics. Reliable clarity – which means better safety in poor conditions. That’s thanks to uvex supravision® lens technology. A special anti-fog coating prevents lenses from misting up, without affecting optical quality. Outdoor fun guaranteed.

Technical features

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