uvex sportstyle 804 v

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uvex sportstyle 804 V

Rahmenloses Design, großes Sichtfeld, stufenlose Tönung bei wechselndem Licht: Die uvex sportstyle 804 V eignet sich hervorragend für Ausdauersportler.

The photochromic lenses react fast to changing light conditions and quickly transition from clear to dark. This poses a particular challenge for road bike riders who need to be able to see every detail of the road ahead. The uvex sportstyle 804 V has a modern shield look and uvex variomatic® technology which smoothly changes from clear to dark in just 25 seconds. As such, it copes perfectly with variable conditions. In addition, the large lenses protect the eyes from draughts, while the frameless design delivers unrestricted views when riding. The ultra-light sports glasses’ lenses are also extended at the top to protect from UVA, UVB and UVC even in low road bike riding position.

uvex: Ausgewählte Technologien für Sportbrillen

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UV protection

Integrierte UV-Absorber in allen uvex Scheiben.
Glas mit decentered lens Technologie

decentered lens technology

uvex Scheiben der Güteklasse 1 bieten klare Sicht ohne Verzerrung.