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Pink ribbon edition

uvex LGL 43

59.95 € UVP

Farbe: white mat

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uvex pink ribbon edition

Weil „protecting people” auch über den Sport hinausgeht. Mit der uvex pink ribbon edition unterstützen wir aktiv den Kampf gegen Brustkrebs.

We donate 10 euros to Pink Ribbon Germany for each uvex i-vo cc Pink Ribbon cycling helmet and 5 euros for each pair of uvex LGL 43 Pink Ribbon lifestyle glasses sold.

Find out more about our special pink ribbon edition (available in Germany only) and the uvex athletes who are acting as Pink Ribbon ambassadors - and also how you can contribute by cycling the Schleifenroute.

uvex LGL 43 Pink Ribbon

On-trend colours and maximum UVA, UVB and UVC protection for your eyes. Welcome to the uvex LGL 43.

Out and about around town, outside cafés, barbecues with friends. Our uvex LGL 43 is the perfect summer accessory. The timeless design, and slime frame provide and interesting contrast to the bright, mirror lenses. Available in four different versions with unusual colourways, these sunglasses are a real eye-catcher. The sun protection lenses offer the highest UVA, UVB and UVC protection up to 400 nm meeting European and international standards.