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From queen to goddess.
After her amazing performances in Rio uvex athlete Isabell Werth can call herself the most successfull dressage rider of all times. What a success!
Congratulations on team gold and individual silver. We are proud to protect you!
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uvex equestrian 27 August 2016, 13:09
BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace
Sometimes you go all in for the win and it's just not your day.... But deep down you know you gave all you had and that's all anyone can ever ask. Romain Guillaume - Triathlete - left it all on the #IMMT course but unfortunately come up short.... Great capture by @qkmedia

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Great shot of uvex athlete Romain Guillaume - Triathlete - // BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace
We are proud to protect you!

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uvex cycling shared BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace's photo.
uvex cycling 26 August 2016, 13:38
Fédération Equestre Internationale
That spirit!
We are proud to protect you Ingrid Klimke!
#uvexperformance #eventing

uvex equestrian 25 August 2016, 14:05
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Great performances, incredible team spirit.
The uvex medal winners of the Olympic Games 2016.
We are proud to protect you!

Anna Meares: Individual bronze (track cycling)
Maja Wloszczowska: Individual silver (MTB)
Isabell Werth: Team gold + individual silver (dressage)
Kristina Bröring-Sprehe: Team gold + individual bronze (dressage)
Michael Jung: Team silver + individual gold (eventing)
Ingrid Klimke: Team silver (eventing)
Sandra Auffarth: Team silver (eventing)
Julia Krajewski: Team silver (eventing)

#uvexequestrian #uvexperformance
uvex cycling with Maja Włoszczowska and Anna Meares.
uvex cycling 25 August 2016, 08:51
Hannes Reichelt
uvex wintersports 25 August 2016, 08:21
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Due to uvex variomatic technology the uvex big 40 VFM tints its photochromic lens automatic and stepless.

Find the big 40 VFM here:
#uvexwintersports #uvextechnology
uvex wintersports 22 August 2016, 16:15