uvex sportstyle RX –Prescription sports eyewear.

Anne HaugIronman Hawaii 2018, Bronze Medal
Olympic athlete 2012 & 2016
German Champion 2013
Triathlete of the year 2012 & 2013

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uvex sportstyle RX frames are equipped with high-definition (HD) corrective lenses of the latest freeform technology. The lenses are made of polycarbonate or Trivex and guarantee the highest possible protection when practicing a wide range of sports.

Perfect for every head – from wide to narrow face shapes. For maximum safety, visual comfort and maximum flexibility.

In order to guarantee a perfect adaptation to any eyesight and to ensure optimal visual results, the corrective lenses of the uvex sportstyle RX are exclusively available at our contracted opticians – who adjust every lens to individually fit your needs.

uvex sportstyle RX
product range

uvex sportstyle RXd

direct glazing

  • Light, unbreakable plastic frame.
  • Individually adjustable nose pads and legs.
  • Leg has a non-slip tip and metal core.
Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXd 4003

uvex sportstyle RXd 4003

Perfect for narrow face shapes.

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXd 4004

uvex sportstyle RXd 4004

Perfect for narrow face shapes.

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXd 4000

uvex sportstyle RXd 4000

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXd 4001

uvex sportstyle RXd 4001

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXd 4002

uvex sportstyle RXd 4002


uvex sportstyle RXi

indirect glazing

  • Light, unbreakable plastic frame.
  • Optional, customizable nose piece or prescription insert.
  • Leg has a non-slip tip and metal core.
  • Contrast-enhancing interchangeable lens (RXi 4100) or variomatic® lens (RXi 4101 v).
Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXi 4102

uvex sportstyle RXi 4102

Perfect for narrow face shapes.

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXi 4100

uvex sportstyle RXi 4100

Produktabbildung uvex sportstyle RXi 4101 v

uvex sportstyle RXi 4101 v

engineered in germany

uvex sportstyle RXd

direct glazing

The exceptional fit of an 8 base curve wrap-around frame provides greater coverage, extends peripheral vision, and improves side protection from impact and draughts.

engineered in germany

uvex sportstyle RXi


Corrective insert with revolutionary uvex clipnetic technology.

Revolutionary uvex clipnetic technology allows a corrective insert to be fitted to a frameless design via magnet. In an instant, the lens insert can be replaced by a nose bridge – so that the glasses can be also worn with contact lenses.

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Automatic lens tinting

  • light, photosensitive lens reacts to UV levels
  • lens darkens smoothly in strong light
  • lens automatically lightens with low UV levels

variomatic® corrective lenses are suitable for driving.

Polarising filter

Pola lens permits light waves from a single direction only, to greatly reduce scattered light:

  • enhances contrast
  • increases depth of focus
  • less glare on reflective surfaces, e.g. snow, wet roads

Contrast enhancing lens

A blue blocker ensures enhanced absorption in the short wavelength, visible light range. Diffuse light is filtered, for high contrast vision. Irregularities in terrain become easier to see.

Constant tint

Lens provides reliable protection against glare. Choose colour and tint strength to fit needs.

Mirror lens

Outer side of the tinted corrective lens is vapour coated with a coloured layer.

The mirror coating reflects incident light and increases glare protection.

Super anti-reflective

Decrease flare and minimise reflections.

uvex sportstyle RXd:
anti-reflective coating on inside of corrective lens.

uvex sportstyle RXi:
anti-reflective coating on both sides of corrective lens.