uvex jimm octo+

The new allmountain helmet uvex jimm octo+ ensures perfect fit – no matter whether on the slope or when testing the powder along the side. Thanks to the double inmould technology, the uvex jimm octo+ does not compromise in terms of safety and stability and wins you over with clever details.

Color Variant: camou mat

Get a grip!

The uvex jimm octo+ allows downhill and allmountain skiers to fully concentrate on their talents and different needs, trusting a helmet that fits just right. Everyone’s head is different: With three different exterior shell sizes and the patented adaptation system octo+ the uvex jimm octo+ is especially variable and adjusts individually to the shape of your head – poor fit and pressure points on your skull are a thing of the past.

Maximum safety in every situation

Thanks to the octo+-technology, the uvex jimm octo+ is not only comfortable to wear, but stays right where it should as well. Its special secret: The interior of the helmet works like the arms of an octopus. The pre-formed arms enclose the head from all sides and automatically contract after putting on the helmet. This way the helmet stays in place without slipping even during the hardest maneuvers. This revolutionary technology recently won the ISPO Award in the uvex jakk+.

Clever ventilation with style

The uvex jimm octo+ makes a statement with its laid-back look. In addition, the allmountain helmet gains points for comfort and allows you to keep a cool head in every situation thanks to the uvex vent system: Fresh air flows into the EPS shell from the front slits through channels branching out in every direction and can circulate within the interior of the helmet without a problem thanks to the precisely engineered internal flow channels between the octo+ system and the interior shell, making heat accumulation impossible. Further features of the uvex jimm octo+ are the anti-allergenic washable helmet lining and ear pads that allow you to hear naturally without filtering or dampening conversations and the environment.

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Protection Fit Comfort

EN 1077 B
inmould technology

3 shell sizes
FAS strap

vent system
headband holder
anti-allergenic liner
natural sound system


uvex octo+

The first fully automatic fitting system for helmets

uvex octo+ is the first fully automatic fit system. Flexible fins cocoon the head and adapt perfectly to its shape, no matter what size of helmet. For a relaxed, comfy fit – just like your favourite beanie. Put it on and be first to the slope.

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headband holder

Perfect hold

uvex ski helmets offer more comfort, even in the smallest details: the integrated headband holder secures the goggles safely on the helmet in every situation.

natural sound system

Ear coverage for the highest demands

Better hearing significantly improves safety. We have developed a special membrane for accurate representation of ambient sounds. Draught-free ear pads designed for maximum comfort.


Button-press adjustment

Multi-stage and anatomically shaped: uvex’s monomatic comfort closure opens and closes at the touch of a button, with just one hand. The chin strap always sits perfectly.


Simple and practical

Fast Adapting System webbing can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and the webbing straps are always in the best position.

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double inmould technology