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The philosophy of our technology is based on three key factors: protection for the eyes, perfect fit and exceptional comfort.

uvex designs follow three simple principles: simplicity of form, truth to material, ease of use.

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UV protection

uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded

uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded / UV absorption is built directly into the raw material and filters 100 % UV rays up to 400 nm. All lenses provide 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection – the basis for our company name: uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded.




For every situation the perfect lens

Get the perfect lens for every kind of situation with protection levels from S0 to S4. For maximum visibility. In every weather. For every sport. For you.


The perfect lens for every light condition. Lens tinting in 0.1 second.

Revolutionary: uvex variotronic® technology is a class above – in just 0.1 second: pressing the button or using the built-in light sensor triggers electrochromatic activation of a liquid crystal film on the poly­carbonate lens. 

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Curve 10 lense for panoramic view and automatic, stepless shading

Curve 10 lenses offer a full 1 cm more curvature, compared to standard flat lenses. The photochromic lens reacts also automatically, smoothly changing its level of shade, in response to the prevailing light conditions.

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decentered lens technology

Distortion-free vision

Distortions and curving in the field of view can easily lead to confusion on the slopes. uvex Class 1 injection moulded decentred lenses deliver clear, distortion-free vision in accordance with EN 174 and are designed for the toughest demands of winter sports.


Ultimate anti-fog coating

Works twice as long as the standard requires: 60 seconds of fog protection instead of the prescribed 30 seconds. Increases your safety and provides clear vision even in the poorest conditions.


Two-in-one solution: uvex cutting edge technologies in action

uvex – commitment to innovation.


Improved perception

Protection against reflections and other harmful irritations. The polycarbonate lenses of the uvex polavision® series absorb diffuse light and thus reliably protect the eyes from strain. They elliminate harsh glare and distracting reflections and convert diffuse into pleasant light.


Magnetic interchangeable lens

Brilliant solutions are often simple: push the lens out from inside, insert a new lens, done. Quick and easy.

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take off

Time to change

Interchangeable lenses featuring two mini magnets turn a bad weather ski goggle into a sun ski goggle in a moment. Simply click the lens off - or on - with this goggle. The dark replacement lens is very thin, flexible and fits in any pocket.

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interchangeable lens construction

Eyewear for all occasions

Always the right eyewear with the right lens. uvex’s foolproof interchangeable lens technology guarantees clear vision for every need.




Extra protection mirror lenses

Mirrored lenses look trendy – while working hard. They offer extra protection from infrared rays. Reflecting them and keeping them away from the eyes.