uvex race+

Optimised in the wind tunnel, made for the racetrack. The uvex race+ is the ergonomically shaped, ultralight racing helmet trusted by uvex athletes all over the world. Whether for negotiating slalom gates or in the Super G, this is the helmet for maintaining speed and safety.

Lightweight and streamlined: the uvex race+ racing ski helmet is your missing puzzle piece for high-speed downhill runs. The international Ski Alpine elite swears on this one-of-a-kind speed gadget. uvex athletes from Matthias Mayer to Dominik Paris love this outstanding ski helmet. 16% stronger - 15% lighter - more than just a statement.

The uvex race+ ski helmet meets the new FIS requirements from 2013/14 and complies with the EN 1077 A standard. Equipped with the latest ski helmet technologies, a separately available chin guard optionally can be mounted to this special ski helmet.